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Courage To Change presents a wide variety of CDs for kids, that deal with lessons about bullying, social skills, and life skills. Through stories, songs, workbooks, and CDs, the products in this section teach relaxation and stress reduction, relationship building and character development, communication, and social skills, as well as activities and techniques for healing, motivation, conflict resolution, and life management skills.

Courage To Change aims to provide the tools and techniques to teach our children how to better communicate and interact with the world around them. These CDs will help kids develop the skills they need to have a happy life without having to tear someone or something down in order to accomplish that. They will not need to belittle someone else so that they can feel good – their feeling good shall be ignited from their own healthy self-esteem.


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The Teens' Solutions Workbook with CD

Product Number: 63673

The Teens' Solutions Workbook with CD
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