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Sound is a part of our everyday lives. It is everywhere, all around us; music, traffic, bells, whistles, trains, dogs barking, and cats meowing. Raising your voice or yelling to be heard can be exhausting, and also at times ineffective. Need to get students' attention? Save your voice and let the handy, electronic No Yell Bell do the work. The No Yell Bell is a crisp distinctive sound that people will come to know and respond to. To the contrary, there may be times when you’re looking to buffer the sounds of everyday life. Muffle the rough edges of noise that can be distracting and irritating. Imagine that you’re trying to study, read, relax, sleep, or talk in private and not be overheard. The Sound Screen is an effective device for masking noise by using the soft sound of rushing air to diffuse outside noise. It is especially helpful for students with ADD, adults at work, and a good night’s sleep.


Sound Screen

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Sound Screen
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