Character Education CD for Kids Wins the Award

Character Education DVD for Kids Wins the award:Teachers’ Choice Awards for the Classroom winner is Stepping Up To Character. The dynamic force behind the widely popular  program is Michael Pritchard, one of “America’s Most Respected Youth Counselors.” His award-winning video series uses a problem-solving format that ignites student discussion during guided brain-storming sessions, with Michael infusing his trademark wit and humor as well as researched-based solutions. The entire series is a testament to his dedication to America’s youth.

Stepping Up To CharacterCourage To Change is thrilled to be associated with such great character education DVD for kids product. “Stepping Up To Character ” is from the Stepping On Up series of programs.  

Using entertaining skits, and his hilarious puppet friends, Michael Pritchard is able to reach children in a way that no one else can. His unique ability to reach children of all ages and races is one of the reasons the Stepping Up To Character videos are the recipients of the Silver Davey Award and the prestigious Teacher’s Choice Award.

The program is geared for grade levels K-6, and consists of four entertaining and thought provoking lessons. Each lesson includes skits performed by Michael Pritchard and his friends, with a discussion at the end. These discussions allow children to interact with Michael and brainstorm ideas helping them to understand and learn from the lesson.

The Power of Respect: In this first lesson, children learn the power of respect. Students learn how to respect each other’s differences, how to resolve issue without violence and negative remarks, show empathy to others, and how to be a caring person. All of these are necessary to help a child make the correct choices now and during the difficult teen years.

Making Responsible Choices: Lesson two involves making the right choices, even when it is difficult. The skit employed in this lesson covers choosing between finishing a promised project and a chance to have fun. Students learn the value of a promise, and the value of being honest.

Using Good Judgment: This third lesson helps students address the growing conflicts associated with their teenage years, and growing older. Children learn that having additional freedom also means the responsibility of making the right choices and not to abuse their freedom.

Being True To Yourself: The fourth lesson teaches children the difference between “true” friends and “false” friends. Children learn how to stand up to peer pressure, no matter how difficult it can be. Self-respect is also taught in this lesson along with self-awareness.

Well Researched, what truly sets these videos apart from others is that the lessons that they teach can be applied to anyone, regardless of age. Michael Pritchard has been working with students for over thirty years, and by using a combination of humor and compassion, he has found a unique way to reach students and confront the life issues that we all must face. With proven, well researched methods including,

*The National Institute of Justice

* The National Education System

* Drug Strategies

It is little wonder that the educational system has awarded the Teacher’s Choice Award for the Classroom.

Educators are crediting the Step Up To Character DVDs as an important tool in helping students reach their full potential not just at school, but also in life. With lessons that include making the right choices, responsibility, and caring for others, students leave school armed with the tools to succeed in life.


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